Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have a new word--"Gagon!" That's how I say 'dragon' and it's because I really love Mommy's new wallpaper on the computer. Sometimes I shorten it to "gogo" because that's easier, but when I don't want to be mistaken, it's gagon!

And here's the wallpaper:

It's been really hot lately, so after a walk to the mail box, Mommy and I have been playing in the pool in the back yard. It's fun!

And I asked Mommy to pain my toes and she did, so I sat really still until she told me they were dry. I think it's fun to point out that our toenails are the same color. And I still can't find that baby she says is in her tummy. I look and look, but she says we have to wait until a few months after my second birthday to meet the baby. I don't want to wait! I like babies!

I also like toilet paper--I like to wipe my bottom and blow my nose! And I love brushing my teeth!

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