Sunday, September 28, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Today I went to this place called Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs. I got to dress up like a pirate princess and Mommy was a fairy and we went with Aunt Neenee and Christyle and saw Aunt Crissi, Sydney, Alex and Eric H. as they were leaving.

We had a lot of fun. I got to eat a turkey leg and a bite of philly chips and got a ribbon to dance with since I had so much fun playing with the display one. Mommy got a parasol and we got a free fan and eye patch for getting those. I also got some juggling balls for my ball toss game in my playroom.

Then I went on this ride called the Crow's Nest that spins around really fast. I liked it for about the first half, then it got scary. I was really happy to get off, but later, when I saw it again, I ran over because I wanted to go again! But Mommy and Daddy said no since it scared me the first time. Oh, well.

At the end, I got to play in their playground and had lots of fun and then we went home.

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