Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a day is like for me

So, I'm getting to be such a big girl now! I thought I'd update what a day is like for me.

I start out by waking up and getting out of bed, then going to find Mommy, as she usually wakes up first. I call for her, sometimes I cry, but usually not if she meets me half way in the hall! Then I have numma and Mommy takes off my diaper or pull-up.

You see, I only have to wear a diaper or pull-up around the house at night, because while I'm almost always dry, when I'm not feeling good, sometimes I won't hold it all night and I'll be too tired to get out of bed, so I'll have an accident. But most of the time, I'm dry until I can get to the potty.

Then I ask for breakfast. I like egg for breakfast--either an omelet with onions, salt, pepper and cheese or fried with a little salt are my favorites. Sometimes I like a blueberry waffle with parkay spray instead, or oatmeal made with milk and with jam or a little can of fruit mixed in. I like to drink milk or water with it. I'm good at saying which I want.

I like to watch Mommy cook. and hold the spatula when she's not using it!

Then I play while Mommy's on the computer. Sometimes I bring something to draw on and sit in the chair with Mommy. Sometimes, I get out my aquadoodle pad and draw on the floor instead. And sometimes, I ask to watch a baby einstein or thomas the train or little bear.

I can potty by myself and I use the big toilet when I need to, then stand on it after I flush and wash my hands. I usually need help getting soap, though! But that's why I'm naked all day--clothes sometimes make me forget or slow me down and I have accidents. When I go potty when we're out, I need my pants taken all the way off at least one leg so I can straddle the potty--otherwise I fall in!

Sometime during the day, I like to get Mommy to read to me and we read about 10-20 books. I can read some of them to Mommy (by pictures). I've learned most of my colors now and am very good at purple, pink, blue and usually red and green. I get yellow most of the time now and grey and brown aren't hard.

Then we have lunch--I tend to not eat much for lunch and want more numma, but I'll have some of whatever Mommy eats. I like to have some tasty bread especially. Or just some fruit. My favorite fruits are banana, peaches, nectarines, watermelon and pear. To drink, I like to have water or maybe some chai latte or chocolate milk or tea, although I get those not very often.

Then Daddy comes home--yay! I get so excited to see my Daddy and I hope we're going bye-bye! The house can get so boring. If we go bye-bye, I can get myself dressed a little. I can pull on my pullup and put on a shirt and pants if I try hard enough, but usually need help. Socks are too hard, but I can put shoes on. I wear a pull-up out in case Mommy and Daddy don't hear me when I ask to go to the bathroom or we're too far away or I forget to ask.

In the carseat, I can buckle my chest strap closed, but the leg straps need help! I like to have a blanket if it's cold and right now, my stuffed kitty. I used to like to have a book with me. I prefer to walk most of the time, but sometimes I like to be carried or ride in the cart. If we're at the store, I like to put stuff on the conveyer when we're checking out. It helps distract me from all that candy! I like to have a snack in the car, like a banana or goldfish crackers.

When we get home, I like to have lots for dinner. Sometimes I don't want to eat much of anything, though. I like my food with lots of flavor, but not too hot! If I make a mess, I like to be the one to clean it up. I love helping clean!

I like to have a bath as often as possible, too. I can wash my body myself and don't need any help, just sometimes some direction if I miss a spot! It takes me a while to get them all. I can almost wash my hair, which is important, because I hate having my hair washed by someone else! I'm trying very hard to learn. Mommy and Daddy wash my hair with the shower sprayer fast on days when it needs it, which always makes me cry for a little bit. I really don't like that! But in the bath takes even longer of upsetting me. But I love everything else about baths!

After bath, I want numma with Mommy in bed. Baths are pretty random through the day.

I'm starting to not take naps. If we go somewhere, I take my nap in the carseat, but if we're home, I often don't take a nap anymore, or take it from 8-10, when Mommy wakes me up. Numma then, too!

Daddy goes to bed and we stay up for a few more hours and go to bed between 2-3am. This way, I can wake up around 12-1 and Daddy's only gone a short part of the day, so I get the most time with him I can, which I like now. I like Daddy's new job. I ask if he's working and when I'm ready for him to come home, I start saying so. Sometimes, it's "Daddy working? Ringing?" meaning that I want Daddy to call and then come home.

I'm a pretty independent girl, but I still love to snuggle. And I like going to play at the bookstore or go out to eat with Sarah and Becky. Or have Janene come over and ask her to read to me and play with me.

At the end of the day, Mommy has me grab a diaper or pull-up and we go to bed. I bounce around a little and giggle, then we put on the diaper and pajamas or my nightgown or nightshirt. Then we turn out the night light we use to get ready by (so as not to wake Daddy) and snuggle and I get numma while Mommy tells me my favorite stories--"Zoo Day 1-2-3", which I call "Giraffe" and "Goodnight Moon", which I just call "Moon". Then she sings Hush, Little Baby, A-B-C and then Twinkle, Twinkle and then we say good-night to everything and everyone I can think of, finally we say night-night to the nummas and I stop and snuggle some more. Then I like to pull the blanket over my head and sometimes I babble a while, then we fall asleep.

If Mommy spends too much time on the computer, I let her know that it's bedtime. I like bedtime! And then my day is done!

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Hi Heather.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Can you provide sources for your information, before I publish your comment? I thoroughly researched my info before publishing the timeline.