Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Wow, today has been so great! The only time I got upset all day was when Mommy changed my diaper at the Picture People and I wanted to be walking around! Specifically, I wanted to be pushing the stroller. But that was only a minute, then I was off laughing as I pushed it! We went and played after my pictures (which I smiled a lot during--I had fun!) and then we went to Sarah and Rebecca's to watch Heroes and I talked the whole time. I have all these new clothes to wear and new toys that I love (especially the purse from Mommy and Daddy and cars from Nicky and phone with answering machine from aunt Neenee, although everything is great--I have this nifty crocheted cupcake that smells really good that I played with during pictures).

Mommy says there will be more toys when we go to Target after the pediatrician on Wednesday, because of the money from grandpa Joe. I'm going to get a set of blocks! Mommy says they're good for my brain. I just love banging them together!

Mommy changed my piano to individual keys (instead of it playing songs of its own) now--it's so much more fun! I got a few bites of the rest of my birthday cake for dessert tonight and I'm getting tired, so I think I'll go to bed soon. Good night everyone! And hello, toddlerhood!

Lilly can walk!

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