Saturday, October 20, 2007

Zoo and time away from Mommy...

Today was a fun day! First, we got up and went to the zoo, since it was so nice out and they were doing Hoots and Howls, which included being in costume. I was a cheerleader! My aunt Crissi got me this cute costume. We played at the playground first, then we went and sat at the carousel, where I got a snack from Mommy and we waited for Rebecca and Sarah. When they didn't show up, we went and saw the elephants, then came back and there they were! We all walked around the zoo and rode the tram and had lots of fun.

Then we went to El Maguey with Rebecca and Sarah, who bought us lunch and I got to have chips and salsa and quesadilla, yummy! We ate outside and I sat in my stroller and got feds lots of little treats. We had a good time, especially me since I LOVE salsa!!

After that, though, we went to Aunt Crissi's house and she was dressed so scary that I cried! Mommy got changed into a gypsy costume, nursed me and then left! Eek! She said bye-bye lots and told me she loved me, but she left with aunt Crissi! I was upset for a few minutes, but then my cousins were just too much fun to stay upset! Daddy, my cousins and I went to a play place and I had lots of fun with them and I barely noticed how long Mommy was gone. She was making some extra money 'reading cards' whatever that is. But in the end, she came back and we all had fun until really late when we left and I fell asleep on the way home.

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