Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to me! Yesterday, I got in a new tooth--meaning I have eleven now! SO, this morning I woke up and Mommy was there, acting very excited. Soon, I saw why!

So, after hugging my new giant duck, I got all the presents out of my basket, including clothes from Great-Grandma Jodie and Great-Grandpa Neal in California (who also gave me the giant duck) and a soft lamb from Grandma Sharon! Then Mommy showed me the big present from Daddy and her--a Little People's Zoo! We got it out and played with it a little and I LOVE it! Then, Mommy took me to the potty and I peed and then she put me in one of my new cloth diapers and got me dressed up:
So we could go Easter Egg hunting!! We had to get Daddy up, who was very tired and hard to wake up, but he got up and we all went out and I had a lot of fun finding all my eggs! Although, I didn't understand at first.
I tried to give my basket back to Mommy, I didn't know why I needed it outside. She kept telling me to look for eggs.
I sat on my ride-on and tried to understand what she meant. Where could these eggs be?
Oh, I get it!! Wow, this is fun!! I played with my ball, too.

Hey, is that another egg over there?

Hooray for me!! I clapped because I know I did a good job finding and collecting all my eggs! I got distracted before the last one when I found out--THEY OPEN!! Oh, my gosh, so exciting! There were yummy treats inside! Well, off to eat my goldfish and Reeses eggs (I don't like jelly beans)!

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