Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Interests

So I thought it was time to give an update of the things I'm into!

I still love music, especially KoRn, the White Stripes and Seether. I love to dance and I get excited whenever Mommy turns on the stereo. I even turned it on today because she didn't turn it on when I wanted. I'm dancing in her lap while nursing right now, to the Killers.

I still love climbing! I climb everything and anything and like to climb up and sit on top of the cat house. Sometimes that annoys Nimbus, who annoys me. But I love my kitten! I even said "kitten" yesterday when I woke up and saw Brat.

I love baths!! When Mommy says "Bath" I go running for the bathroom and try to climb into the tub. She helps me out of my clothes and diaper and I get in and play in the water as it fills. I don't like that it's over when I pull the plug and all the water drains! I want her to refill it and start over! I also love washing my hands and whenever I see her doing it, I climb onto the toilet and wash mine, too. I get upset when she doesn't want to let me, but she admits there's no reason I shouldn't! She even says we need to get me a taller step stool so I can get up there myself. She says I shouldn't sit in the sink and throw everything off and turn the water on myself, though.

I love my dolls. I'll pick them up and carry them around and I ask Mommy and Daddy to read to me and my dolls at the same time! Aunt Neenee will hold my doll for me whenever I ask and I guess she's a good doll sitter, though I don't like to leave them with someone else very long, I come running back and hug them.

I love Aunt Neenee! I get excited whenever she visits and I run over and climb into her lap. Often, she takes us places, which is another thing I love! I love going bye-bye! It's fun climbing into my seat by myself and going somewhere I can run around and play, even if it's just the store--I get to push the cart! I love it!

I love Mommy. I love nursing and I love dancing with her and how she'll sometimes wear me and dance or start spinning around with me and we'll spin around until we're dizzy and fall down laughing. I love just sitting in her lap and playing with everything and I love how she almost always understands what I'm trying to say. Sure, she misunderstands sometimes and that's frustrating, but she gets me a lot more than anyone else.

I love Daddy. I love waking up to see he's still next to me in bed or getting up and running out to the living room to find out it's a day he's staying home, where he can read to me and play with me and when we might go bye-bye! I love it when Mommy says he's home from work and I get really excited and start yelling his name and dancing in place and when he opens the door, I cheer and run up to him and I love how he dances with me then!

I love reading my books and pointing to the pictures and being told what each one is over and over. I love bellybuttons, especially Mommy's. I love to point to hers and then mine over and over. And I love the scar above her belly button, it makes me laugh to poke it and have her tell me it's a scar. I sometimes want to see the scar she says I came out of, too. She says my belly button is how we were connected when I was in her tummy and I think that's great. Everyone corrects me when I call bellybuttons "dada" though.

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