Friday, August 29, 2008

Santacaligon Days

So much fun! At first, I was pretty tired--I fell asleep in Aunt Neenee's car after we went to the dollar store (where I got TWO dolls because I wanted them and Mommy made me pick one--she really picked--and a grandma-lady asked if she could buy me the other, so yay!) and when I woke up, Neenee was putting me in the stroller and she and Sarah pushed me up to Mommy, who got out of the car closer, I guess, while I was asleep, so she didn't have to walk as far (she has trouble with a lot of walking, my baby sibling makes her tummy hurt sometimes) and then we waited for Aunt Neenee to come back and I woke up slowly. Mommy handed me my doll (I was only allowed to carry one around the festival) and my water and then we went.

At first, it was interesting, but overwhelming. The grownups were just looking for food, so I just took in the sights and woke up, kinda bored. When Sarah and Neenee had food, we sat down and I got out of the stroller and ran around. We put on glow necklaces and bracelets and giggled and took pictures. Neenee wanted lots with me in my bonnet. I gave everyone kisses and Aunt Neenee lots of hugs, then Mommy put me on a leash so I could run around instead of just sitting in the boring stroller, yay!

Then we got to look at lots of stuff and had a lot of fun. Mommy got a sandwich and Sarah got Dot ice cream and everyone shared everything with me. I even got some of Neenee's tea! Yum! Then we came to this game, with all these rubber fish, like rubber duckies, and Aunt Neenee paid for me to play. It took a few minutes before I understood that it was okay to pick up the fish, then I did and won two small prizes. My first carnival game! I could have traded for a medium, but they weren't very good, so Mommy picked me a stuffed rubber ducky (yay!) and a light-up wand that has a moon and star and glows at different speeds--I really like them. We found a stand with cheap bracelets and I put LOTS on my arm, though Mommy made me pick just one (she picked, AGAIN).

Then Daddy got there with Rebecca and we all walked around a little more and I got to see some big animals called mules and I liked it, but when we got close enough to almost touch, I got scared. I just wanted to stare and stare, but Mommy took me back to Daddy. I wanted to go back, but she'd taken me over special to see them. Then we got some sweet stuff for Aunt Neenee and Rebecca and I got to have some and play on the railing to some shallow stairs we were sitting on until it was time to go get the famous rootbeer and then leave.

We drove back with Sarah and Neenee while Rebecca and Daddy walked back and then Mommy and Sarah sat on the porch and watched me play at home until Daddy and Rebecca got there. I fell chasing my ball and split my lip, ouch! But other than that, I had a lot of fun. I'm so very tired now, though, I'm going to sleep. I can't really keep my eyes open any more...

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