Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to me! Yesterday, I got in a new tooth--meaning I have eleven now! SO, this morning I woke up and Mommy was there, acting very excited. Soon, I saw why!

So, after hugging my new giant duck, I got all the presents out of my basket, including clothes from Great-Grandma Jodie and Great-Grandpa Neal in California (who also gave me the giant duck) and a soft lamb from Grandma Sharon! Then Mommy showed me the big present from Daddy and her--a Little People's Zoo! We got it out and played with it a little and I LOVE it! Then, Mommy took me to the potty and I peed and then she put me in one of my new cloth diapers and got me dressed up:
So we could go Easter Egg hunting!! We had to get Daddy up, who was very tired and hard to wake up, but he got up and we all went out and I had a lot of fun finding all my eggs! Although, I didn't understand at first.
I tried to give my basket back to Mommy, I didn't know why I needed it outside. She kept telling me to look for eggs.
I sat on my ride-on and tried to understand what she meant. Where could these eggs be?
Oh, I get it!! Wow, this is fun!! I played with my ball, too.

Hey, is that another egg over there?

Hooray for me!! I clapped because I know I did a good job finding and collecting all my eggs! I got distracted before the last one when I found out--THEY OPEN!! Oh, my gosh, so exciting! There were yummy treats inside! Well, off to eat my goldfish and Reeses eggs (I don't like jelly beans)!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Interests

So I thought it was time to give an update of the things I'm into!

I still love music, especially KoRn, the White Stripes and Seether. I love to dance and I get excited whenever Mommy turns on the stereo. I even turned it on today because she didn't turn it on when I wanted. I'm dancing in her lap while nursing right now, to the Killers.

I still love climbing! I climb everything and anything and like to climb up and sit on top of the cat house. Sometimes that annoys Nimbus, who annoys me. But I love my kitten! I even said "kitten" yesterday when I woke up and saw Brat.

I love baths!! When Mommy says "Bath" I go running for the bathroom and try to climb into the tub. She helps me out of my clothes and diaper and I get in and play in the water as it fills. I don't like that it's over when I pull the plug and all the water drains! I want her to refill it and start over! I also love washing my hands and whenever I see her doing it, I climb onto the toilet and wash mine, too. I get upset when she doesn't want to let me, but she admits there's no reason I shouldn't! She even says we need to get me a taller step stool so I can get up there myself. She says I shouldn't sit in the sink and throw everything off and turn the water on myself, though.

I love my dolls. I'll pick them up and carry them around and I ask Mommy and Daddy to read to me and my dolls at the same time! Aunt Neenee will hold my doll for me whenever I ask and I guess she's a good doll sitter, though I don't like to leave them with someone else very long, I come running back and hug them.

I love Aunt Neenee! I get excited whenever she visits and I run over and climb into her lap. Often, she takes us places, which is another thing I love! I love going bye-bye! It's fun climbing into my seat by myself and going somewhere I can run around and play, even if it's just the store--I get to push the cart! I love it!

I love Mommy. I love nursing and I love dancing with her and how she'll sometimes wear me and dance or start spinning around with me and we'll spin around until we're dizzy and fall down laughing. I love just sitting in her lap and playing with everything and I love how she almost always understands what I'm trying to say. Sure, she misunderstands sometimes and that's frustrating, but she gets me a lot more than anyone else.

I love Daddy. I love waking up to see he's still next to me in bed or getting up and running out to the living room to find out it's a day he's staying home, where he can read to me and play with me and when we might go bye-bye! I love it when Mommy says he's home from work and I get really excited and start yelling his name and dancing in place and when he opens the door, I cheer and run up to him and I love how he dances with me then!

I love reading my books and pointing to the pictures and being told what each one is over and over. I love bellybuttons, especially Mommy's. I love to point to hers and then mine over and over. And I love the scar above her belly button, it makes me laugh to poke it and have her tell me it's a scar. I sometimes want to see the scar she says I came out of, too. She says my belly button is how we were connected when I was in her tummy and I think that's great. Everyone corrects me when I call bellybuttons "dada" though.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I can walk to the van and climb in and get in my carseat all on my own now! I'm still trying to learn to click the chest clip and I do pretty good, but Daddy still has to help me. Today, when he left for work, I said "Bye, Daddy". I usually just wave! Mommy wasn't happy that I drew on the wall today and she washed it all off! My pretty picture!